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The Joy of the Gospel

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 Welcome to the Thomas More Center for Preaching and Prayer




Gracious loving God, we gather with friends and family for prayer and candle lighting this Advent Christmas season.

Just as the branches form an unbroken connection, so too are our hearts and hands connected to each other.

Instill in our lives greater joy, peace and hope which were marks of Jesus’ life. Inspire in us ways to help those who have very little, and those who are suffering.

As we light each candle remind us of our privilege to be light to the world, just as your Son was, becoming beacons of compassion and mercy to all we meet.

Stay with us this season.

Thank you for these Advent Christmas gifts! AMEN


Defective CD

To those who have purchased audio CD's from The Thomas More Center, please note: there is a defective CD and we are prepared to replace it: SERIES TWO; VOLUME TWO; DISC TWO.

The second talk is missing "Trinity: Mutual Admiration Society".

Please email us to make arrangements for a replacement.

We are sorry for this inconvenience.
Mike, Nick and Joan