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National Catholic Reporter article on Mike, Nick and Joan and preaching teams.

 Fr. Mike Fr. Nick Sr. Joan

Read the full article here.

Pope Francis

IT IS HERE: the document everyone is talking about.


The pope's Encyclical is called "LAUDATO SI". These are the opening words of St. Francis of Assisi from his famous "Canticle of Creation." Pope Francis begins this important encyclical:

Praise be to you my Lord, through our Sister Mother Earth, who sustains and governs us, and who produces various fruits with colored flowers and herbs.

Most Papal encyclicals from the past were all written in Latin and were directed primarily to the bishops and hierarchy. Consequently most of us lay people found them boring and we could easily dismiss them. This document of Pope Francis is different. It is written in plain everyday Italian because the pope wants it accessible to all. This means that our English translation of the Italian is exactly what the pope wants to say .....to us!

We urge you to read this important message. Pope Francis continues his challenge to the rich and the wealthy of this world (most of us) to take seriously the dangers of climate volatility which more often than not negatively affects the globally poor.

You can find LAUDATO SI here.


 Healing the Heart

Healing the HEartThose of you who have heard us will know that we frequently speak about the value of personal meditation and contemplation. It is in this spirit that we recommend a new book HEALING THE HEART. 

The author Bruno Cortis is a practicing cardiologist who met us years ago at one of our renewals in Chicago. He knows from his profession and also from being deeply spiritual that there is a direct correspondence between healing and listening to one's heart. His meditations are real, practical and Biblically based. It is a book one can pick up, open to any page, and be refreshed through his guidance. It is truly a busy person's prayer book. 

Check Bruno out on the Internet and ....Enjoy. 

I recommend downloading a digital copy. I did!

Sr. Joan


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