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Pope FrancisWe are anticipating the new encyclical of Pope Francis on the environment, which will focus on human relations. The National Catholic Reporter editorial (Jan 2, 2015) quotes the pope: "Respect for nature also calls for recognizing that human beings are a fundamental part of it. Along with an environmental ecology, there is also need of that human ecology which consists in respect for the person."

In writing this encyclical the Pope has consulted the Franciscan Order along with liberation theologian Leonardo Boff and other experts in the field.



A Green World

Catholics Meditate on New Pope
Smith Mountain Lake Moneta, Virginia

"Each of you is an inspiration to our entire family. Each of you sets our hearts on fire.  I love seeing how excited my children get when they know you are near (Better than Santa)!  I enjoy sitting back and watching your impact on the church and each person present."

Parents of four children ages 20-13.

"The renewal set my heart and soul free.  I can’t wait for you to return."

A gentleman in his late 80’s

"I loved the question time.  What a range of issues covered which are key to our faith."


"I love everything about the retreat, especially the talks on Pope Francis.  I feel  renewed in my faith."


"What an enriching experience to have the team come to our parish.  I gained so much and bought the CD’s."

From Marcia in Cambridge Maryland

"I'm delighted that Frs. Mike and Nick and Sr. Joan were able to pray and preach in your community. They are spirit filled people continuing the mission of Saint Paul in spreading the Good News wherever they stay. Thank you for your prayers and know that supporting the work of these marvelous people has been a blessing to me over and over."

From a 72 Disciple supporter in Montana to a participant in South Carolina

"I have never felt so free with regard to my relationship to God and my faith in general."

Retired person

"All my life I have waited to hear what you three said this week."

Retired person



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