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July 2014

It has been a very good few months and a very good year. All of the parishes we have visited have been so responsive. We can positively say that from our perspective people are eager to hear the Word of God and hungry for good news, especially the Good News that is the promise of Jesus.

We have observed that everyone, folks in the pew, seniors, parents, youth, priests and religious are all keeping a hopeful eye on Pope Francis.

In our talks and homilies we have spoken often of the power and presence of the Holy Spirit in our midst and constantly emphasize, no matter how critical things get, we will not be abandoned.

The question we hear repeatedly is, "How will we get the younger generation back to church?" While the answer to that question could be satisfying to everyone, instead the Spirit is challenging us to ask even harder questions: "How can we promote world peace, how can we open our borders to those who would like to enter our countries, and how can we insure greater economic equality in our nations?"

In the meantime, we look for all the signs of the Holy Spirit in our kids, in our parishes and in our world.

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Joan, Mike and Nick


Defective CD

To those who have purchased audio CD's from The Thomas More Center, please note: there is a defective CD and we are prepared to replace it: SERIES TWO; VOLUME TWO; DISC TWO.

The second talk is missing "Trinity: Mutual Admiration Society".

Please email us to make arrangements for a replacement.

We are sorry for this inconvenience.
Mike, Nick and Joan